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What askBetty can do for you

Data entry
‍Audio transcription
Gifts & purchases
Travel research
Book reservations
Travel coordination
Format reports

Format slideshows
Format proposals
Market research
Social Media
Custom graphics
Hashtag & influencer research
Prospect research
Industry research
Data entry
First hour free. Full access. No credit card required.
"There are so many things I need to do and stay on top of. askBetty took care of some marketing research for me and I loved being able to pass off this task that I just didn't have time to dig into myself.”
- Katie Knopp,  Social Community Manager, Goodlawyer

How it works


1. Create your account
The more info you share, the more we can personalize your experience. 

Share your industry & communication preferences.

2. Install the Slack App
Install the app on a workspace of your choice.  

Use the /askbetty Slack command to access your account and task history at any time.

3. Type “Hey Betty”
Submit tasks in a conversational direct message.

Betty's team of virtual assistants will respond to your requests in real-time. 

Simple pricing


$ 32

1 hr

+ First hour free

$ 60

2 hrs

+ first hour free

$ 84

3 hrs

+ first hour free


Tasks for Teams

support for 5+ users
request a demo

What's included:

Real-time support from a pool of Canadian & American virtual assistants
Same-day task turnaround
Integrates with Slack workspace
Personalized user profile
Available Monday - Friday
Tasks are billed in 15-minute increments
Hours never expire

“askBetty was super easy to use, responsive to my requests and fast. I asked Betty to help with some research and her friendly team provided it for me in less than an hour. Now everyone on my team wants to use it!”
- Cody Reeves, Partnerships Manager, Harvest Builders

About askBetty

askBetty is powered by Virtual Gurus, a marketplace of talented Canadian and American virtual assistants. We're passionate about our mission: to create employment opportunities for underrepresented individuals. They’re the reason we do what we do.

To date, we've helped hundreds of busy folx like you be more productive with our specialized virtual assistant subscription packages. Visit to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is askBetty a real person?

Yes, askBetty is a team of trained virtual assistants based in Canada and the United States. When you submit your tasks, you’ll initially receive an automated message from "Betty" as she connects you to one of our humans who will assist you in real-time.

How do I access askBetty?

askBetty is only available as a Slack App on the Slack App directory at the moment.

First things first, create your web account. Follow the prompts to add the askBetty Slack app to a Slack workspace of your choice.

Please note: Some Slack workspaces require admin approval. Learn more about permissions and adding apps to your Slack workspace here.

How do I delegate tasks?

When you need to get stuff done, simply open your askBetty Slack app and say “Hey Betty, I need help with X” to get started. The virtual assistant will ask a couple of questions to clarify, give you a time estimate and then get right to work. If it's a task that will take more than 45 minutes, the assistant will check in with you periodically to ensure they are on the right track. 

What if my task goes over time?

If you task goes over the time available on your account, your task will be paused and you’ll be prompted to top up your account. Your task will resume once your account has been topped up.

Do the hours on my account expire?

No, your hours will never expire and will remain in your account until they are used.

When am I charged for tasks?

You’re only charged once the work on a task is complete. We charge in 15-minute increments.

What's the difference between askBetty and Virtual Gurus?

askBetty provides real-time access to an anonymous pool of virtual assistants. Virtual Gurus’ Talentplace uses a matching algorithm to match you with a team of virtual assistants who can offer additional specialized services on a monthly subscription basis. Learn more about Virtual Gurus packages here.

What can askBetty do for me?

The askBetty team can handle both your professional and personal administrative tasks such as research, data entry, and file formatting. The best part is that you’re communicating with a real human at the other end of the keyboard who can ask additional questions if required. Here are some additional examples of what Betty and her team can do for you.

What can't askBetty do for me?

While there are many tasks that the askBetty team can handle for you, there ARE certain tasks that are outside of our expertise. Here’s our general list of what we can’t do for you:

-In-person services
-Inbox and calendar management
-Call answering (however, we can make calls on your behalf)
-Attend meetings on your behalf (ie: live note-taking)
-Event planning & project management (however, we can do preliminary venue research for you)
-Specialized services (ie: consulting, bookkeeping, legal/real estate/medical industry-specific assistance.) Our team atVirtual Gurus can help you with specialized virtual assistant services!
-Obviously anything illegal, immoral, discriminatory, hateful, violent

Is my credit card safe with askBetty?

Absolutely! askBetty uses the Stripe payment processing platform. Stripe securely stores customer payment information and leverages real-time data access, fraud prevention and modern accounting—and that’s just the start.

Who can access my personal information?

The askBetty team can only access the information you share with us in the askBetty Slack app channel. See our Privacy Policy here for more information.

When is askBetty available?

askBetty is online from 9 am to 7 pm EST, Monday to Friday. For now ;)

How can I contact the support team?

If you need to chat with one of our friendly cat herders, reach out to us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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"I estimate askBetty saved me 5 hours of work, at least. And now I have something I can build off of for future proposals to gain more client work."
- Theresa Tayler, Founder, Start Me Up PR