askBetty Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service will govern your use of the askBetty services, which are defined below. By using askBetty, you agree to these terms of service. If you do not agree, do not add the askBetty app and/or request services of the virtual assistants performing these services.

To ensure the quality of the askBetty experience we have set up our terms of service for our mutual benefit. Violation of the terms of service may result in termination of your account. Your askBetty account is non-transferable, meaning you cannot transfer ownership of your account to another person.


You verify that all content you submit to askBetty, including images, audio and video files, text, spreadsheet or slide show files:

  • Do not infringe on third party intellectual property or copyright
  • Do not violate any law, statute or regulation
  • Are not defamatory or libelous

You further agree to use askBetty for lawful purposes only. You agree that any treatment of our virtual assistants that we deem abusive, vulgar, obscene or threatening will result in your account immediately being closed.

Your Personal Data

In order to perform our services, we collect your personal information. Our Privacy Policy can be reviewed here.

askBetty Services

askBetty is an app that serves to facilitate the completion of task-based work for our users by virtual assistants contracted to The Virtual Gurus and askBetty. Users are required to add the askBetty app to their Slack workspace and create an account at the askBetty client portal. Users purchase credits to use toward the completion of administrative tasks. Tasks must be submitted through the askBetty app and are performed by virtual assistants.

Requests & Tasks

All askBetty plans are sold in bundles of 15-minute increments. Each task initiated by the customer uses a minimum of one 15-minute increment, for example, a task that takes eight (8) minutes will consume one (1) task credit. Tasks that require additional time will use additional 15-minute increments until completed or the available task credits are depleted, for example, a task that takes 38 minutes will consume three (3) task credits. The virtual assistant performing your task will do their best to provide you with notice if they believe your requested task will take longer than 15 minutes. We honour a grace period of 59 seconds. For example, if your task takes 15 minutes and 53 seconds, you will only be charged for one (1) credit.

Unused tasks do not have an expiry date and remain available in the customer’s account until they are used. Each request (task) must be submitted via the askBetty app. You’re more than welcome to submit multiple tasks at one time, however, please send your requests individually: this means that each communication you have with the askBetty team should contain one defined task. This ensures the fastest possible turn around for each task. If you ever feel like your service could be better, you can contact us by email at Agreeing to these terms of service means you understand and agree to keep your tasks within the scope of our business.

Guarantee & Warranty

Use of the askBetty app does not include warranty on any of the information, tasks, or projects completed for you. We will do our best to provide the most effective and skilled Virtual Assistant(s) for your needs. If askBetty, Virtual Gurus, or our virtual assistants gives you information or results that are wrong, you cannot hold us liable for it (or the results) legally or morally.


You may cancel your askBetty account at any time by removing the askBetty app from your Slack workspace. Once askBetty tasks are purchased, no refunds will be issued. Task credits do not expire and remain in your account until they are needed.

Termination of Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to any askBetty client at any time — for any reason. Should this occur, we will give you a refund of your unused tasks. Ending a relationship with a client happens infrequently, but could occur for any number of reasons including, but not limited to the abusive treatment of a Virtual Assistant or any of the askBetty team members.

Data Rights and Protection

Virtual Gurus has the utmost respect for our customers’ privacy and information protection. We strive to stay ahead of the curve, despite the ever-changing regulatory environment. Virtual Gurus and it’s contractors will not be held liable for any data breach or lost data of their clients.

Right to Data Access

If at any time a customer wishes to access his or her existing data profile, they are able to login to their project account and have full access to download all of their files.

Changes to Terms of Service

From time-to-time we will update these Terms of Service at our sole discretion.

Get In Touch

If at any time you need to contact us about these Terms of Service, please send an email to

Updated: 07 August 2020